Final Project: Insta-Poem 2.0

My project provides a view into the favorite places of people and how that place has affected them, through stories, poetry, and images. It is an expansion of my first interactive InstaPoem project, where I simply had participants make their own random poems out of newspaper headlines. This expansion is housed on an Instagram feed with … Continue reading Final Project: Insta-Poem 2.0


New Beginnings

Certain places give us certain feelings. When I walk into nostalgic places from my childhood, or even familiar places from the past few years, I feel as if I am right back in that place. I suddenly remember the exact scents and feelings that I experienced there, almost as if I have gone back in … Continue reading New Beginnings


Memes, which have become one of the most popular internet trends with the rise of social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram, are a prime example of 'remixing.' Remixing is taking two things from totally different places and combining them to make something new and different. The way that our class demonstrated this was … Continue reading #UPJremixed